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Case study: Hornchurch Academy

Hornchurch Multi-Academy Trust commissioned coaching development for teaching staff across its five schools in order to support wellbeing, resilience and adaptability to change during the pandemic, and as the Trust grows and evolves.

What we did

We trained 28 staff as peer coaches, brought them together to practice in peer coaching circles.

and supported their learning in an online community space. We worked in partnership with heads to develop an Academy-wide peer coaching support offer for staff who are struggling.

What happened?

A new empowering ethos of support: “Learning a different way/process of helping others with problems that they may have has made me focus on what questions I could ask to help people the most”

The specific skills to empower others: “It has taught me how to respond with greater confidence using open-ended questions.”

Putting skills into practice at work

“I have been able to use this in my job and in general to support and help others find their own answers”

A new peer-led coaching offer across the schools to support wellbeing, relationships, performance and staff leadership.

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