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We grow peer coaching capacity for a world of mutual flourishing


About us

We help a culture of coaching to take root within organisations and communities, for mutual wellbeing and sustainable growth.

We unleash what's already there

Why waste so much time, money & energy? We already have all we need - in our communities, in our workplaces, in ourselves. Sometimes it's stuck or unseen, but it's there alright. 

We train people to coach each other 

What can happen when we believe in each other (and ourselves)? We become the brave company we need. So we can go after what matters - be they work goals or dreams for our local community. 

If you know people with untapped potential, bring them together in a coaching community and watch what happens.

We are also you. 

As a social enterprise we have big dreams too, and we work collaboratively and creatively towards them.

If you have ideas, skills or dots to join - we'd love to hear. 


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A circle of peers who find their own answers

By sharing

By questioning & reflecting

By championing each other


We gain clarity, confidence & momentum towards our goals.

And what's more, we gain the skills to help others do the same.



Bringing  brave company to big dreams

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People empowering themselves


Autonomy you can trust


Find your team



Members of previous coaching communities share what changed for them

“I’m always looking for ways to manage my health, how I can work around it, work with it. It really sped up the process.”

Resident & Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow

“The more you talk about it, and the more you look at the project, you gain clarity on why you’re moving forward with it and why you think it’s a good idea.”

Resident and Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow

“In the group, you’re getting multiple perspectives. So it’s a matter of just getting that vision or knowing that you’re not alone in your thoughts”

Resident and Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow

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