Coaching Communities

Networks that empower people to lead their own change  


We grow networks that empower people to lead their own change together

Coaching Communities partner with local communities and organisations who want to grow collaborative leadership for sustainable change in their place.

We exist so that anyone with a passion to make a change in their lives, work or community can take empowered action. 


As a social enterprise, our focus is on enabling those who have traditionally been disadvantaged, disempowered or typically led, to take charge and lead change. 


Our simple formula 

We foster empowered and collaborative action in organisations and communities by giving people skills and a network. It’s a simple formula!

1) seed leadership skills amongst those who are typically ‘led’

2) grow a network of peers who can empower each other to achieve their goals

3) watch them enact ideas that you would never have thought of and take stewardship of them



If you want a life, community or organisation filled with empowered & collaborative action then you belong in the world of Coaching Communities.

Networks are designed to be self-supporting, in which peers coach each other towards goals and beyond challenges in their lives, community and work, for as long as they find useful.

This makes Coaching Communities a light-touch, sustainable and spreadable way of empowering action.

Leadership by the many, not the few


Our programmes

We have three incremental development programmes that seed and grow peer coaching skills and networks and support the conditions for collaborative leadership in organisations and local places.

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Seed leadership skills for action

Give people skills and a network to lead their own change


Grow self-activating networks

Enable people to share these skills and grow  networks for others


Embed collaborative growth

Embed and spread the capability to empower people for limitless growth



Members of previous coaching communities share what changed for them


“I’m always looking for ways to manage my health, how I can work around it, work with it. It really sped up the process.”

Resident & Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow


“The more you talk about it, and the more you look at the project, you gain clarity on why you’re moving forward with it and why you think it’s a good idea.”

Resident and Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow


“In the group, you’re getting multiple perspectives. So it’s a matter of just getting that vision or knowing that you’re not alone in your thoughts”

Resident and Community Organiser, Bromley by Bow



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